Addendum to Agenda for the Meeting of the
Board of Parks and Recreation
Monday, June 26, 1995



Communications - Seasonal adjustment of Aquarium Admisssion Rates
Dr. John Nightingale to request the Board's approval of a rate increase for July 1 - September 30.

Item 4 - Burrardview Park - Babies Cottage Security
Barb Fousek requested to speak to the Board regarding the Burrardview Park
- Babies Cottage Security.

Item 6 - Pridefest Barbecue and Concert at Brockton Oval
The following delegations requested to speak to the Board regarding the Pridefest Barbecue and Concert at Brockton Oval:
- Grant Kieran, Vancouver Rowing Club
- Siedo Tzogoeff, Brockton Pavilion Society
- Rod Hesp, B. C. Mainland Cricket League

  1. Seasonal adjustment of Aquarium Admission Rates
    Letter dated June 20, 1995 from Dr. John
    Nightingale, Executive Director, Vancouver Aquarium,
    requesting Park Board approval for a temporary
    readjustment of Aquarium admission rate charges.
  1. Oakridge/Langara Rezoning Policies
    Presentation by the City Planning Department on the
    Oakridge/Langara Rezoning Policies. Revised Council
    Report was mailed to Board members.
  1. Kerrisdale Pool Cover Replacement
    Staff report dated June 21, 1995 recommending that
    the Board award the contract for installation of a
    new frame-supported fabric cover for Kerrisdale Pool
    to RMT Contracting and Equipment Co. Ltd. for the
    tendered price of $231,250.