Communicating with the Board

Guidelines for Delegations

Committee and Board Meetings

Scheduled evening meetings at the administration office at 2099 Beach Avenue are held to discuss staff reports, review Board policy and projects and plan for the future. Each meeting is structured around a list of topics for discussion and the "rules of order" are carefully followed. Occasionally, an extraordinary meeting may be called.

Seating is available and the public is welcome. The Board Room is equipped to assist those with hearing disabilities and is wheelchair-accessible.

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation welcomes public input - either written or by brief, verbal comments presented by a delegation at a scheduled meeting.

Delegation Guidelines

What is a "delegation"? It is anyone who wishes to speak at a Committee meeting on an issue that concerns the Board, and it consists of one or more people, with a designated speaker.

Delegations should confine their total presentation to 5-minutes (the Committee may have to reduce the 5-minute limit if there are many delegations). When circumstances warrant, the Committee may also extend the 5-minute limit.

Be ready to answer questions from the Park Commissioners after your presentation.

Speaking To Commitee Agenda Topics

Pre-Commitee Meeting
  • To speak at a meeting, sign-up online, email, or call the Park Board Meeting Line at 604-257-8158 by 12 noon the day of the scheduled meeting to state your interest in speaking to an agenda item.
  • If you have questions about procedure, call or email prior to the meeting.
  • If there is more than one speaker for a specific topic, speakers will be heard in the order in which they were accepted.
At the Commitee Meeting
  • Once a recommendation is read or "put on the table" regarding a Committee agenda item and staff/consultant presentations are completed, speakers are invited to be heard by the Committee Chair.
  • Speakers should state their name, organization (if applicable) and their position regarding the agenda item and advise the Commitee of their rationale - supportive written material can be shared with the Commitee.
  • The Commitee may direct questions to the speaker. Once the speaker is excused, the Commitee debates and recommends action/decision on the motion for the Board's consideration..
Speaking About Non-agenda topics
  • If you would like to address an issue not appearing on a Commitee meeting's agenda, please apply in writing.
  • Make sure your letter of application clearly states the topic to be discussed.
  • Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation staff review all requests and schedule a report, if required, or requests the Committee Chair to consider hearing the delegation.
  • If your request concerns an issue being dealt with in a public participation process, address it through that public process.
Public Participation

Public involvement is a vital part of the democratic process and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation makes it a priority to be accessible to all citizens.

Systems are in place to ensure everyone is heard fairly. These guidelines will assist you in communicating with the Board and staff.

  • This website gives you 24-hour access to information on Committee and Board meeting schedules, agenda items and public services.
  • Contact a Commissioner (or staff) directly by phone or in writing.
  • If it is in writing, address correspondence to the General Manager. Your letter will be acknowledged and directed to the appropriate person(s), who will be in touch with you.
  • Attend a public meeting. They are held frequently on issues or projects under consideration. Watch for advance notice on the website and social media.
  • Staff reports and minutes of meetings, many reports and studies, park plans, by-laws and relevant information is available for public review. If you need help, contact the Meeting Coordinator by email, or by calling 604-257-8158.
  • Attend a regularly scheduled Committee or Board meeting.

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
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