Addendum to Agenda
for the Meeting of the
Board of Parks and Recreation
Monday, May 05, 1997


  1. Award of Backhoe Rental Contract
    Staff report dated April 30, 1997 recommending that the backhoe rental contract be awarded to the two low bidders, Blackbear Excavating Ltd. and Victoria Excavating.
  1. Brockton Totem Poles Concession/Visitor
    This matter was referred from the Planning & Environment Committee meeting held on Monday, April 28, 1997. The Planning & Environment Committee recommeded the following motions for the Board's approval.

    A. THAT the Board approve the concept of a Concession/Visitory Centre at the Brockton Totem Pole site in Stanley Park.
    B. THAT an architect be retained to prepare a concept design for the Board's approval.
    C. THAT the Board request City Council to provide funding on a loan basis for the proposed Visitor Centre.
    D. THAT staff hold discussions with the lessee of the Prospect Point Cafe and report back on a marketing strategy for the new concession.
    E. THAT the interpretative and commercial components will acknowledge the history of the local first nations and involvement; and, counsel will be sought on the development of these elements.
  2. Enhanced Canada - B.C. Infrastructure Works Program
    Staff report dated April 30, 1997 recommending that the Board receive the City Council report dated April 18 on the above subject for information; that the Board endorse the submission of the Hastings Park Biofiltration for storm water and the Stanley Park - Park Drive Road Resurfacing applications for submission to the Canada - B.C. infrastructure works program.