Board Meeting Highlights
December 13, 2004

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the web site on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - December 13, 2004


The Chair outlined Park Board accomplishments and highlights of 2004, describing a host of projects, services and programs completed in the year. These collectively improved accessibility for residents, continued our commitment to sustainability and the environment, renewed parks and facilities infrastructure, developed long term plans and policies, delivered arts and culture to communities, met challenges and received recognition for excellence.


The Park Board's Procedures By-Law calls for an annual election of Chair and Vice Chair at the first meeting in December. Commissioner Eva Riccius was elected Chair, succeeding Anita Romaniuk, and Commissioner Lyndsay Poaps was elected Vice Chair, succeeding Loretta Woodcock.

Eva is an ecologist by training, with a Masters of Resource and Environmental Management. She works for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Eva co-founded the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project and sat on the boards of Your Local Farmers Market Society and Karen Jamieson Dance Company. She was a member of the city's Southeast False Creek Advisory Group, and has volunteered for a number of community groups such as Farmfolk Cityfolk and Evergreen. Eva chairs the Park Board's Planning and Environment Committee.

Lyndsay is an educator and facilitator focused on issues of youth engagement and empowerment in community building and decision making. She is co-founder of Check Your Head (CYH), a youth driven organization in Vancouver where she now works. CYH educates young people on global issues, linking them to local realities. Lyndsay has worked with the Sierra Club of BC, and served as co-chair of the BC Environmental Network and board member of Farmfolk Cityfolk. In 2002, she was the youngest person ever elected in the City of Vancouver. Lyndsay chairs the Park Board's Culture and Recreation Committee.


The dates of 18 Board meetings were set for next year. The inaugural meeting of the new Board following the Fall municipal election will be December 5th.


The General Manager reported on a number of Council and Committee reports going forward this week involving the Park Board. These include the launch of the Get Out! Program for youth, improving energy efficiency of the Park Board vehicle fleet, reduction of green house gas emissions (part of Cool Vancouver initiatives), allocation of community amenity contribution monies to Quilchena Park and Kerrisdale Community Centre, new Creative City arts and culture task force, public consultation around the 2005 Operating Budget, Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing Policy, Southeast False Creek Official Development Plan, subdivision and dedication of city land for lane purposes at 7th and Fraser, East Fraserlands Policy Statement, and a motion around McBride Park traffic.


East Fraserlands Policy Statement
The Board endorsed the Council report recommending the Draft Policy Statement for East Fraserlands, which establishes broad principles and objectives to guide the planning and development of the area to create a sustainable mixed use neighborhood (comprised of housing, commercial, community facilities, parks, schools and recreational activities). The Board also endorsed the recommendations that principles for phasing and implementing public amenities be negotiated at the Official Development Plan stage, and that staff seek an early commitment from TransLink to initiate transit services to the region at the time of development.

Transportation Demand Management
The City's proposal to participate in the TransLink Employer Transit Pass program was adopted. This gives the Park Board the opportunity to give employees a reduced cost annual transit pass, paid through payroll deductions. The administrative costs to enroll staff into the program, starting April 1, 2005, will be borne by the Park Board.

Olympic Youth Legacy Update
The Board received an information report, updating them on the Olympic Youth Legacy. Earlier this year, the framework and action plan had been approved by Council and the Park Board for this program which was created to encourage less active youth to be more physically active through sport, physical activity, arts and culture. Phase One has involved developing project coordination, new pilot programs, new grants programs, project communications, research and evaluation. The project has been renamed "Get Out!" and was officially launched at Council on Tuesday, with new web site and graphics. One Park Board pilot program successfully underway is low cost, late night skating, Chillin' on Ice, at Killarney Ice Rink. Other fun, youth-driven programs are being developed. Processes for funding Grants to Youth and Community Partnership Grants are also underway. A broadly based youth Advisory Committee has been formed to build support, give direction and generate partnerships with business and the community.

Park at Fraser Street and 7th/8th Avenue: Lane
The Board supported the dedication of a lane from two lots within the soon-to-be-named park at Fraser Street and 7th/8th Avenue. This housekeeping point, allowing for dedication of the lane to achieve a standard 20 foot width, is required prior to Council designating this park a 'permanent park'.


Commissioner Woodcock put forward a motion that the Park Board request staff to report back on naming a park to coincide with International Women's Day in March, in Rosemary Brown's former riding of Vancouver Burrard to honour and recognize her dedication to women and people of colour who were inspired by her role as activist, educator and role model. The report will go back through committee following consulation with the local community. The motion was carried.

Commissioner Romaniuk put forward a motion that the Park Board urge the provincial government of BC to restore funding of the Buddy Program, and that a letter outlining the Board's support be sent to the Premier and Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, with copies to the MLAs of the constituencies of the affected community centres: Primary Contractors - Riley Park, Ray-Cam and West End; and Secondary Activity Sites - Thunderbird, Sunset, Mt. Pleasant, Britannia and Strathcona. The award winning Buddy Program was first launched in 1992 by Ray-Cam Community Centre and is now active in many neighborhoods in Vancouver and across Canada. It matches new immigrant youth with local young people so they can be introduced to other youth, share learning and experiences and make a positive connection with their peers and neighborhood. Changes in funding were recently announced by the government. The motion was carried.


The next regular meeting of the Park Board will be held at 2099 Beach Avenue on Monday, January 17, 2005.