Board of Parks and Recreation
Regular Board Meeting
Monday, September 19, 2005 at 7:00 pm


A recording of the Agenda is available at 604-257-8507.

  1. Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board held on July 25, 2005 .
  1. New Park for Marpole at West 72nd Avenue and Osler Street and Selkirk Street
    Staff report dated August 16, 2005 recommending that the Board approve the concept plan for the proposed new park and playground as described in this report and illustrated in Appendix 1.
    Appendix 1 - Concept Plan for parksite at West 72nd Avenue and Osler and Selkirk Streets.
  2. Community Gardens Policy Review and License Agreement Renewals
    Staff report dated September 7, 2005 recommending that the Board approve recommendation A to G.
    Appendix 1 - Community Gardens Policy (Approved 1996)
    Appendix 2 - Community Gardens in Vancouver Parks
    Appendix 3 - Community Gardens Policy (Revised September 19, 2005)

Delegations to speak to the Motion:

Margery Duda
Rosemary Cornell
Gail Uthoff
Nancy A. Chiavario
Spencer Herbert
Stewart Mackinnon

The following motion was put forward by Commissioner Romaniuk:


In March 2002, the Park Board passed a motion that consideration of closing any existing Park Board pools not be given prior to the new or upgraded facilities being in place, and should a significant additional operating cost be incurred as a result of this, this will be brought to the attention of the Board;

The community consultation process carried out over the Capital Plan 2006-08 demonstrated considerable support for the retention of Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool and enhancement of the change rooms at Renfrew Pool; and,

The Mount Pleasant community has indicated a willingness to work with the Park Board and Council to identify external sources of funding to replace the outdoor pool, including the possibility of accessing funding for green technologies such as solar heating.


  1. The Park Board request that City Council provide operating funds to keep Mount Pleasant Pool open at least until the new aquatic facility at Hillcrest/Riley Park is completed;
  2. The Mount Pleasant community, Park Board and Council work together to identify external sources of funding to rebuild the Mount Pleasant outdoor pool, including the possibility of municipal green funds for environmentally-friendly technologies such as solar heating;
  3. The Board direct staff to reallocate $1.4 million in funding from the Park Board's share of the 2006-08 capital plan to renovate the change rooms at Renfrew Community Centre, including family rooms and rooms accessible for people with disabilities;
  4. Staff report back on October 31, 2005 on revising the recommendation of the Aquatic Services Review to include the retention of the Mount Pleasant and Sunset Pools; and,
  5. Staff report back on the financial and service strategy to redevelop two neighbourhood outdoor pools in addition to the plan for a city wide pool, two redevelopd community pools, four neighbourhood pools and four major outdoor pools.


NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 03, 2005 at 7:00 pm