Board Meeting Highlights
October 3, 2005

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the web site on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - October 3, 2005


A number of Park Board-related items are at Council and Committee this week, including follow-up on the public benefits and other matters regarding Hastings Racecourse; Sustainable Purchasing Policy development; 2006-2008 Capital Plan: Financial Plan and Plebiscite Questions; and new Animal Control By-Law, continued.


Hillcrest/Riley/Nat Bailey Stadium Park Master Plan
Following meetings with the community groups and a consultant study, modified parking and access arrangements for Hillcrest/Riley and Nat Bailey Stadium Parks were approved, adjusting the Master Plan for the site and allowing development to move forward. Guided by the principles of flexibility, convenience, impacts and affordability, some of the modifications are fewer permanent on-site parking stalls, elimination of 'through roads' between the buildings, convenient drop-off areas, retention of the Little League stadium in its current location, and relocation of a soccer field and ball diamond. City Engineering staff will also add to their future work program an analysis of and consultation around local traffic restrictions.

Several amendments were incorporated into the Board's approval of the revised plan, giving further direction on more detailed design issues. These included the number of and materials used in parking areas, configuration of and other uses for temporary parking; number of exits and entrances; number of playfields, siting of the aquatic centre in the park, preservation of trees, and review of parking once the facililites are fully operational.

Next steps will be a report to Council on CD1 rezoning of the park and working with VANOC on architect selection for the rink and pool which are targeted to be completed by the end of 2008. The first 2010 Olympic Winter Games trial events will take place in early 2009 in the curling facility.

2006-2008 Capital Plan:  Final Allocation
The next Capital Plan was approved: $80 million for the next 3 years. If approved by the voters on November 19th, the funding will allow for: a) the reconstruction of 2 ice rinks (Killarney and Trout Lake); b) the construction of a new city-wide aquatic centre to replace Percy Norman Pool; c) a significant renovation and expansion of the buildings at VanDusen Botanical Garden; d) the completion of the renovations at Renfrew Pool; e) the construction of an additional synthetic turf playing field; f) major renewals at the seven parks (Mount Pleasant, Nelson, Oak & 37th, Oppenheimer, Sunset, Tecumseh, Victoria); and g) the preparation of master plans for John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park, Renfrew Park and Memorial South Park. Ongoing programs for upgrading parks and buildings, acquiring land for new parks, and planting of new street trees are also included in the plan. The Board supported funding for the preparation of a long-term strategy for running tracks in the city, to be completed in association with the Vancouver School Board.

Conversion of Moberly Park Fieldhouse
The Board approved the conversion of the former Moberly Park fieldhouse and caretaker residence to provide extra capacity, small group programming and activities at the Moberly Arts & Culture Centre, near Sunset Community Centre. This renovation will also give more opportunities for community meeting space.


Staff were directed to work with the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association to explore alternative sources of funding for renovation of their pool house.


The next regular meeting of the Park Board is at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 17th at Dunbar Community Centre.