Board Meeting Highlights
April 6, 2009

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the website on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - April 6, 2009


A cheque for $65,232.33 was presented to the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund, proceeds from the annual Bright Nights in Stanley Park event. The Park Board's partnership with the Fire Fighters is in its 11th year. George Frankel, Prospect Point Café (Pioneer Category) and Jean Turcotte, Fish House in Stanley Park (Active Restaurateur Category) were inducted into the B.C. Restaurant Hall of Fame.


The Chair reported on the Night Hoops Championship at Britannia Secondary School, the Artists in Residence event at Champlain Heights Community Centre, and the Community Association Conference held at Sunset Community Centre.


Park Board related items on Council and Committee agenda this week are Operating Budget 2009 final estimates, Pigeon Park renovations, Wireless Internet in civic buildings, and Motions re: Heroes in Sport program, external audit review and childcare.


Updated Shortlist of Potential Artificial Turf Playing Field Sites
The Board endorsed Memorial South Park, Rupert Park and Beaconsfield Park as potential sites for artificial turf playing field installation, funded by the Citywide Development Cost Levy funds, for further technical review and public consultation in the Fall.

2009 Operating Budget Update
The Park Board's Global Budget of $61.4 million was approved for 2009. The total includes $60.5 million basic budget, $856,300 for added basic costs and one-time adjustments, and $20,850 for new and non-recurring costs - all subject to Council approval on April 7th. The Board asked staff to report back to the Services and Budget Committee on the service impact due to staff cuts and review alternative reductions to other areas of operation. Council was also advised that the Park Board supports the intent of the City Council motion to utilize an external auditor to conduct a comprehensive review of the businesses of City departments and boards; and the Park Board will participate in the review and exercise its authorities as per the Vancouver Charter to custody, care and management of parks and recreation by having the external auditor report directly to the Park Board for the activities that relate to the Park Board; and the Park Board requests financial support as per the 2009 Interim Budget Estimates Report from the Restructuring Fund to implement any changes approved by the Park Board to drive efficiencies as per the Council motion.

Accomplishments Report 2008
Significant progress was made last year guided by the directions of the Strategic Plan. Some highlights of 2008 achievements: the popular Action Adventure Passport for school children, installation of the stunning Coast Salish welcome gateways in Stanley Park, the $8.6 million retrofit of facilities for energy conservation, development of the comprehensive Vancouver Sport Strategy, the successful fundraising program, continuing restoration of Stanley Park, and a number of awards which celebrated excellence.

Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2008
The Board received the year end financial statements for information. Overall the Board was over spent by less than $100,000 on a net budget of $59.6 million. The Donations programs collected an additional $700,000 in 2008. The Stanley Park Restoration project spent a total of $3.5 million, leaving a balance of $1.9 million to complete the restoration and legacy work.

Outdoor Sports Facilities Permit Fees & Charges
Fees & Charges adjustments for outdoor sports facilities (sport fields, diamonds and courts) were approved to more accurately reflect market pricing and customer categories. The changes will improve service by increasing efficiency of applications and booking processes.

Public Wireless Internet Access
An information report, along with a City Council report, was received outlining the research options available and approximate costs to implement public Wi-Fi access at community centres and other civic facilities. This initiative is largely supported by the Community Associations.


The Board moved that staff be directed to collaborate with City staff to reinstate the Joint Council on Childcare and renew its goals and previously adopted Terms of Reference, along with an objective of a further 5% increase in childcare spaces in the next three years; and further that staff be directed to cooperate with City staff in any review of supply and demand for infant, toddler, 3 to 5-year old and out of school care spaces. The Motion carried.


The next regular Park Board meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday, April 20, 2009 at Thunderbird Community Centre.

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