Board of Parks and Recreation
Planning & Environment Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 6:00 pm
at 2099 Beach Avenue


  1. Approval of Minutes of July 9th, 2009 Meeting
  2. Community Meetings
    Discussion of potential dates and locations for community meetings of the Planning and Environment Committee.
  3. Synturf Site Selection
    Staff report on the outcome of the geotechnical review along with recommendations on which fields should be the subject of a neighbourhood consultation process.
    Map of Synthetic Turf Sites pdf
  4. Biennale Returning Artwork/Donation
    Staff report on one Biennale artwork which will be returning and one piece which is being donated.
    Presentation slides: Biennale pdf, Art Donation pdf
  5. Trout Lake Community Centre Development Permit Submission/Design Concept
    Staff presentation on the concept being submitted for a development permit.
    Trout Lake Design Concept pdf
  6. Capital Project Overview
    Staff presentation on the status of capital projects in Facility and Park development.
    Presentation slides: Capital Projects -Facilities pdf, Capital Projects -Parks pdf
  1. Komagata Maru Memorial
    Presentation of a proposal by the Khalsa Diwan Society.

Members of the public will be invited to speak to the Committee on these items. For further information, please contact Shala Hay at 604.257.8452.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 08, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.