Board Meeting Highlights
March 1, 2010

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the website on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - March 1, 2010

Chair's Report
The Chair reported on the many 2010 Winter Games related activities and events over the last month including: Community Happenings Festival at Sunset Community Centre, IOC Special Guests Tour of Stanley Park, Inukshuk Torch Relay moment, decoration of park sculptures, Colbert Report taping in Creekside Park, Vancouver House receptions at LiveCity Yaletown, Oslo Flag ceremony, Closing ceremony and Wood First Champions Awards.

General Manager's Report
Park Board related item on Council and Committee agenda this week: Vancouver Sport Hosting Grant Allocations.

A cheque for $180,246 was presented to the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund, which represents the Fund's net revenues from the annual Bright Nights in Stanley Park event. The Park Board's partnership with the Fire Fighters is in its 12th year.


Concept Plan Approval - Fraserview Park Upgrade
The Board approved the concept plan for the proposed upgrade to Fraserview Park. The East Vancouver park's renewal, which is well supported by the community, is scheduled to be complete by March 2011.

Stanley Park/English Bay Seawall Consultancy Contract
The General Manager was delegated the authority to award the consultant contract for the rehabilitation of portions of the English Bay and Stanley Park seawall. This will allow the time sensitive project to be kept on schedule, maximizing the use of low tides.


The Board put forward a Motion that the Park Board pursue strategies to locate incremental grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of Bloedel (Conservatory) that includes seeking alternative energy government grants. The Motion carried.

The Board put forward a Motion that the Park Board establish a Marketing and Business Development Advisory Committee, consisting of tourism/hospitality and marketing experts as well as Park Board stakeholders, for the purpose of assisting the Park Board to identify potential new marketing and business opportunities and improved parks and recreation services.


The next regular Park Board meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, March 22, 2010 at 2099 Beach Avenue.

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