Committee and Board Meeting Highlights
March 26, 2012

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the website on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - March 26, 2012

Park Board Committee Meeting

Staff Reports

Special Event/Special Occasion License Request:  Voices in the Park
The Board approved the special event application for Voices in the Park on September 15, 2012 in Stanley Park. The concert will feature Sarah McLachlan and other guests with proceeds donated to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. The Board also granted permission for Special Occasion Licenses totaling a maximum capacity of 5,500 people in conjunction with the event. 

Request from Walter Linck to remove street tree at 4053 West 20 Avenue
The General Manager will arrange a follow up meeting with resident Walter Linck to explore options to resolve the street tree issue. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The Board approved a public consultation on the installation of three cellular and electric vehicle charging stations to be located at pay parking lots along Beach Avenue; and staff will report back to the Board with results of the consultation and recommendations.  The pilot project, a partnership with the City,TELUS and BC Hydro, supports Vancouver’s Greenest City goals and the Park Board’s strategic direction to be a leader in greening.  

Park Board Food Cart Program
The Board approved a pilot program to test the feasibility of seasonal street food cart locations in selected parks, using approved applicants/operators from the City’s Street Food Program.  Three sites were identified:  adjacent to the Stanley Park Information Booth, at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park in the Bloedel Conservatory/Seasons in the Park area, and Vanier Park adjacent to Burrard Marina. 

2012 Operating Budget/2012 Fees and Charges
The Board approved the 2012 Operating Budget of $55.9 million as approved by Council on March 5, comprised of $103.8 million expenditures and $47.9 million revenues.  The 2012 Fees & Charges were also approved – most fees were not increased over 2011 levels, with exceptions for recreation fees, and fees at Burrard Marina and VanDusen Botanical Garden. 


Commissioner De Genova put forward a motion that staff be directed to take immediate action and perform site visits and recheck references on all individuals and/or farms who adopted animals from the Children’s Farmyard and present these results to the Board and that regular visits and follow up on all remaining animals is conducted every six months, for the remainder of the animals’ lives. The motion failed.

Commissioner Jasper put forward a motion that staff be directed to initiate a naming process for Discovery Square that appropriately commemorates the contribution that Art Phillips has made to the quality of life in Vancouver. The motion carried.

Regular Board Meeting

Chair's Report
The Chair reported on recent events: Vancouver Diversity Health Fair, International Women’s Day,,Akali Sikh Temple recognition event and Pacific Great Blue Heron colony’s return to Stanley Park. 

General Manager's Report
Park Board related items on Council and Committee agenda this week include: Next Community Plans Terms of Reference and West End Mayor’s Advisory Committee Recommendations.

Report of the Park Board Committee
The Board approved the recommendations of Committee: Voices in the Park special event, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Food Cart Program, 2012 Operating Budget/Fees & Charges and Art Phillips/Discovery Square Motion (see Committee highlights above).

Next Meetings
The next Park Board Committee Meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 2099 Beach Avenue with next Regular Park Board Meeting held immediately following the Committee Meeting that evening.