Committee and Board Meeting Highlights
May 27, 2013

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the website on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - May 27, 2013

Park Board Committee Meeting

Chair's Report
The Chair reported on a recent event: media launch of new golf food and beverage carts.

Staff Reports
Stanley Park 125th Celebration
The Board approved plans for Celebrate! Stanley Park to commemorate the park’s 125th anniversary on August 24 and 25, 2013. Permission was granted for a Special Occasion License for a maximum capacity of 1,500 persons in conjunction with the events. The Board contributed $50,000 from the Corporate Sponsorship Reserve for the artistic and production costs of the two-day celebrations which will feature free family entertainment, performing and visual arts, interactive sports, heritage experiences and local First Nations cultural presentations at outdoor locations and venues throughout the park.

Special Events Approval - Summer 2013
The Board approved a request from Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, organizers of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, for a 750 person maximum capacity public Special Occasion License for the event being held at David Lam Park on June 29 and 30. The Board approved a request from Lululemon for the Sea Wheeze Sunset Festival, a ticketed event for up to 15,000 people, including a public Special Occasion License with a maximum capacity of 3,000 at Brockton Fields in Stanley Park on August 10. The Board approved a request from Vancouver Urban Spaces Initiative for ticketed events for up to 600 people at CRAB Park at Portside on June 29, July 27 and August 17. The events will offer entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors this summer.

Commissioner Jasper put forward a motion re Hastings Park Governance. The motion was amended to move that the Park Board urge council to support the Park Board Governance option as outlined in the Hastings Park Governance review because it is the best option to:
1) Increase public access to green space and recreational use;
2) Transparency and accountability in decision-making;
3) Compliance with City and Park Board initiatives such as the Greenest City Action Plan, the Urban Forest Management Plan, Biodiversity Strategy and the Vancouver Sports Strategy;
4) Improve care and maintenance of all green space within Hastings Park.
The motion as amended was carried.

Commissioner Barnes put forward a motion that
A. Staff work with the Park Board’s Bird Week partners to expand public education efforts for 2014;
B. Staff report back on efforts underway to improve bird habitat;
C. Staff report back on the feasibility of developing landscape design guidelines to enhance bird habitat values for landscapes across Vancouver.
The motion was carried.

Commissioner Sharma put forward a motion that the Park Board asks staff to look into the feasibility of creating a public area at Spanish Banks from which kite surfers could safely launch.
The motion was carried.

Regular Board Meeting

Report of the Park Board Committee
The Board approved the recommendations of Committee: Stanley Park 125th Celebration, Special Events Approval - Summer 2013 and Motions re Hastings Park Governance, Vancouver Bird Friendly Strategy and Kite Surfing Launch Area at Spanish Banks (see Committee highlights above).

General Manager’s Report
Park Board related item on Council and Committee agenda this week: 2013 Q1 Capital Budget Adjustments and Closeouts, Vancouver Sport Hosting Grant: 2013 Spring Intake Allocations, Motion - Vancouver Bird-Friendly Strategy, PGA TOUR Canada and Oakridge Centre Rezoning - Issues and Directions.

Next Meeting
The next Park Board Committee Meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 2099 Beach Avenue with next Regular Park Board Meeting held immediately following the Committee Meeting that evening.