Board Meeting Highlights
September 19, 2005

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the web site on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - September 19, 2005


The Chair reported on the busy two months since the last Board meeting, highlighting the successes of Monsters in the Meadow free film series in Stanley Park, launch of advanced tee time booking for Golf courses, ground breaking for the #1 Kingsway civic centre, distribution of the Park Board's Strategic Plan, and the 30th year anniversary celebrations at VanDusen Garden. Coming up are continuing development of the 2006-2008 Capital Plan, going to the Board on October 3rd, and the Car Free Day festival in Gastown on September 22nd.


A number of Park Board-related items are on Council and Committee agendas this week, including Capital Plan 2006-2008 Final Allocation, Childcare Protocol Status Report, Social Development (Sustainability) Plan for the City, and a new Animal Control Bylaw.


New Park for Marpole
The concept plan for a new park for Marpole was approved. Open houses were held to get resident input into the design of the 1 acre greenspace, located at West 72nd Avenue/Osler and Selkirk Streets. Park features will include a quieter area for neighborhood seniors and an area for a children's playground. Several design elements - welcoming gateway/plaza features and plant materials - will reflect the Japanese history of the area. The Board asked that a park naming process be undertaken so that the name be ready in time for park completion and opening. Construction is expected to start early next summer.

Community Garden Policy Review and License Agreement Renewals
The Community Garden Policy, adopted in 1996 and providing for community gardens to be operated on park lands, was amended. Changes include a new definition reflecting the recreation and community development benefits as well as the diversity of these gardens; setting the standard term of the user agreement at 5 years, with granting of multiple terms in exceptional circumstances; recognition that community gardens are open to all residents; and clarification of pest management. Increased support from the Park Board for the development and operation of community gardens was also approved, through such measures as developing a how-to information package for interested parties, providing technical adivce to gardeners and making old tools and other salvage materials available at low or no cost. Effective October 1, 2005, 5 year licence agreements were granted for the following community gardens: Tea Swamp, Mt. Pleasant, Elizabeth Rogers, Robson, Cambridge, Kitsilano and McSpadden. Cottonwood Community Garden was granted a 10 year licence, and Strathcona Community Garden a 20 year licence.


Commissioner Romaniuk put forward a five-part Motion to request Council to provide operating funds to keep Mt. Pleasant Pool open at least unitl the new pool at Hillcrest/Riley Park is completed; that Park Board, Council and the Mt. Pleasant community work together to identify external funding to rebuild the outdoor pool, including the possibility of municipal green funds; that Board direct staff to reallocate $1.4 million from the Park Board's share of the Capital Plan to renovate the change room at Renfrew Community Centre for families and people with disabilities; that staff report back on October 31st revising the Aquatic Services Review recommendation to include the retention of Mt. Pleasant and Sunset Pools; and that staff report back on the financial and service strategy to redevelop 2 neighborhood outdoor pools in addition to the plan for a city-wide pool, 2 redeveloped community pools, 4 neighborhood pools and 4 major outdoor pools. The Motion carried.


The next regular meeting of the Park Board is at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 3rd at 2099 Beach Avenue.