Board Meeting Highlights
december 10, 2007

The following information is intended to provide quick highlights of this scheduled Board meeting. Every attempt has been made to summarize these highlights as accurately as possible; however, the complete and official minutes will be posted on the web site on the Monday one week prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Meeting Agenda - December 10, 2007


The Chair reported on the organization's many accomplishments of 2007 against the Board's strategic priorities.


Park Board related items on Council agenda this week are the 2008 Operating Budget preparation and Active Communities Vancouver progress report.


Korina Houghton was elected as the new Chair, and Ian Robertson elected as the new Vice Chair, marking the beginning of the Board's third year of their three year term.


The schedule of public board meetings for next year was approved.


Active Communities/VACNet
The Active Communities Vancouver progress report and the Vancouver Active Communities Network (VACNet) report were received for information. Staff will continue to work closely with VACNet partners to ensure the widest possible implementation of the goal to increase activity levels of residents 20% by 2010. Staff were directed to report back by Spring 2008 on specific ways in which to engage Vancouver School Board staff and private schools to improve access to their facilities, and to report back by Spring 2008 on action plans to secure partnerships for specific infrastructure and program provisions.

2008 Fees & Charges
The Board received for information the 2008 Fees & Charges and approved adjustments to cover increased costs and mininize impacts to users. The fees reflect inflationary increases and market rates, and will also include a reduction in the GST from 6% to 5%. The Board directed staff to review the fee structure and ratios for different age levels including rates for other municipalities within Metro Vancouver.

Consulting Services for VanDusen Botanical Garden Facilities Renewal Project
Busby Perkins + Will Architects were awarded full consulting services for the VanDusen Botanical Garden facilities renewal project, in the amount of $1.4 million. Redevelopment of the existing Garden Pavilion is the first phase of the overall rejuvenation of the Garden and its buildings. The project will be built to LEED Gold standards.

Stanley Park Restoration - Prospect Point Road Realignment
The Board approved the $2 million plan for the Prospect Point road and landscape modifications, part of the Stanley Park restoration. The design addresses issues of safety, aesthetics and drainage while retaining views, floral displays and direct connections to the lookout area from bus and car parking. Project completion is expected for Fall 2008.

2008 Special Events
The calendar of 2008 Major Events in parks and at beaches was received for information. The following major events with signficant changes for their first three years of operation were approved: Scotia Bank Half Marathon and Vancouver Pride Festival.

Janitorial Services Contract
The Board deferred, until the next meeting on January 14, 2008 the motion to join with the City in awarding a three year contract for janitorial services to Executive Building Maintenance. The services cover City and Park Board work yards and two community centres.

Dog Strategy Task Force - Summary Report
The Board received for information the summary report of the Dog Strategy Task Force, and encouraged City Council to work the Park Board and School Board to develop and pursue a self-sustaining model for dog licensing, urban animal education, by-law enforcement and related programs; bring forward a request to the 2009-2011 Capital Plan for a new animal services facility; and consider community partnerships which may assist in the City's delivery of animal services.

Trout Lake Construction - Delegated Authority
Contract award authority was delegated to the General Manager for Phase II of the Trout Lake arena, allowing completion of the project within tight deadlines while minimizing costs.


The Board put forward a Motion to reorganize the committee governance structure to enable inclusive participation and voting and establish one Committee with membership as follows: Marty Zlotnik (Chair), Loretta Woodcock, Ian Robertson, Korina Houghton, Spencer Herbert, Heather Holden and Allan DeGenova; and that the Committee hold regular Monday evening meetings with the first Committee meeting to be held at 7 pm on Monday, January 21, 2008. The Motion carried.


The schedule of public committee meetings for next year was approved.


The next regular Park Board meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, January 14, 2008 at 2099 Beach Avenue.