Addendum to Agenda
for the Meeting of the
Board of Parks and Recreation
Monday, June 24, 1996


  1. Oakherst Rezoning
    Staff report dated June 20, 1996 recommending that the report be received for
  2. B.C. Hydro & Power Authority Right-of-Way - Locarno Beach Park & Jericho Beach Park
    Revised report dated June 20, 1996 recommending that the Board grant a Statutory Right-of-Way to B.C. Hydro and Power Authority for the overhead electrical high voltage feeder pole line running east-west between Northwest Marine Drive and Discovery Street on the approximate easterly production of Belmont Ave. for two pole lines at the north foot of Discovery Street feeding Jericho Sailing Club.
  3. T96-09 Community Centres Gym Roof Replacements
    Staff report dated June 17, 1996 recommending that the Board award the contract for the replacement of gym roofs at Dunbar, Hastings, Kitsilano and Sunset Community Centres to the low bidder, Broadway Roofing Company, for a cost of $170,960.
  4. Permanent Fund Transfer
    Staff report dated June 7, 1996 recommending that $187,300 be transferred from General Parks account #6141 as outlined in the report.
  1. World Wrestling Federation Event
    Staff report dated June 18, 1996 recommending that the Board consider the request of the World Wrestling Federation to stage a free promotional event on East False Creek Park on July 20, 1996, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm